Hello! I am Fermin Fleites.


An artist to follow

By Elida Roman
Article published in "El Comercio" during the Lima Biennial.

If something reinforces the many merits of filing Fermin Fleites (Cuba 1974) in Barranco Praxis Gallery, is the ability to bring together seemingly unconnected visual proposals, in an "orderly chaos" that make us jump from classic images (Greek and German Renaissance) to the more immediate proposals as installation or conceptual art without forgetting the scholarly gaze directed to popular images products, and in this case, related to the ritual, the magical belief or symbolic association that mother nature, time and behavior develops. Fleites has a great ability to integrate the artistic production sources of our days. Anthropology, Psychology, History, Ethnography, materialized through mergers aesthetic and delivered with a sense of spectacle that does not avoid showing their relationship to advertising icon invented ad-hoc, casual or contemporary humor, that he gather and offer to the public as result of a personal game, protected and directed undoubtedly a reasonable and intelligent decision, however, has dismissed the bombastic rhetoric.

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The artist put a special accent in magical practices, from voodoo to Andean shamanism, highlighting the fascination tinged with fear and reverence exerted in the inhabitants of these cultures, creating an amazing mural, "I and the other" to which we assign a metaphorical condition of strong impact. He also plays with elements that need educated prior information, as in "The Chosen" (a reference to the martyrdom of St. Sebastian, stripped of all drama), or "Two hundred and thirty three hours to ...", made with blood, gunpowder and natural pigments coal '. "Let me tell you ..." completes the proposal, a part of a long-term project that led him to settle for a period of time in Peru. An artwork not only interesting, smart and funny, but full of reflections, humor and ambition.
One of the best performances so far this year.

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