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What’s in a name? that which we call a rose… By any other name would smeel as sweet…
William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet

Cosmic Rose is a view of our place in the universe, a place conditioned by our own notion of time, certainly a relative notion in contemporary physics, but even so determined a general view of our species. The video takes the rose as a latent symbol for the great religions known to man to denote symbolic associations linked to our existence and which resist a certain simplification by time. Cosmic Rose is a timeless mystique of the universe to which we belong looking through one of its most simple objects - THE ROSE

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Latinamericanlastsupper is a reconfiguration of those connections between peripheral cultures and and their external influences in a world that is increasingly interconnected. This seven-minute video art piece was filmed entirely in the desert of ATACAMA and features an orgiastic "last supper" wherein the recently-arrived main character is invited to participate. His participation suggests those events that have so influenced Latinamerica as it moves forward towards the third millennium. An analogous process is established, reiterating the successive exchanges of influence in the hegemonic centers of power. Latinamericanlastsupper: the phenomenon of stubborn resistance which devours that which is strange and foreign and later in its adaptation, recylcles it to make it one's own.

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