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Fermin Fleites - Recent Work

Imagine a world where the same problems are called by different names, where thousands of people worship the same God under various titles, and share concerns with ancient civilizations. This is the world visual artist Fermin Fleites invites us to explore through his work, where stories are recovered and intertwined, reflecting a continuous human experience. His art, influenced by Cultural Anthropology and exploration, takes us on a journey from the Insular Caribbean to the Peruvian Amazon, and into the heart of contemporary Art.


Contemporary Artist


Techne and Contemporary Art

Fleites’ work offers a unique interaction with diverse cultural groups, reflecting the estrangement of an observer and the curiosity of a child deciphering stories from countless books. His deep respect for “techne” and the habit of drawing everything reflects an admiration for the “Andean shamans” belief that photographs can capture their essence.

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Contemporary Sculpture
The Winner

Contemporary Art Work

Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art. Three moments of Fleites' Work

One of his notable works, “History of a fight against demons”, exhibited during the Lima International Art Biennial, is a charcoal drawing inspired by the fight of a people against their demons, a direct allegory to the thousands of battles internal in which we all are. Another piece, “The Winner”, describes the importance of the ram in cultural narratives, a hymn to the role of migration sustained on a fragment of “railroad tie” of the railroad from New York to Havana, built by Flager and partially destroyed by the great Labor Day hurricane in 1935.The “Three Marys” series captures the lives of three women of different ages, illustrating cycles that open and close within themselves.

Historia de otra pelea contra los demonios
"History of a fight against demons",

Contemporary Sculpture

An installation is a sculpture pretending to be one all the time.

Fleites’ art is a travel diary, a visual memory interspersed with symbols and stories. His installations, such as “Distant Insemination Device” and “I and the Other”, use recycled objects to create a dialogue between the past and the future, encapsulating the essence of contemporary sculpture techniques.

His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is part of significant collections like the Permanent Collection of the Center for Cuban Studies in New York City. Fleites has also collaborated with artists like Alice Aycock, contributing to her sculpture group “Maelstrom” installed at 57th and 66th Street on Park Avenue, New York City.

Mixed Techniques

Interwoven Stories

Fermin Fleites’ work is a labyrinth of intertwined stories and symbols, offering a continuous present where past and future blend seamlessly. His journey invites us to engage with our own stories and explore the depths of human experience through contemporary art.

Embrace the opportunity to explore and buy contemporary art by Fermin Fleites, a contemporary sculptor and Drawer whose work transcends cultural boundaries and time.
Immerse yourself in his universe and become part of the continuous narrative that shapes and humanizes our world.

Contemporary Art

Fermin Fleites artist

Contemporary Sculpture

The Winner

This sculpture is a re-creation of a key symbol of humanity’s great religions throughout history: a symbol that demarcate the birth of symbolic sacrifice, and simultaneously its disruption.

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Sculpture has turned out to be an ideal medium for many cultures that want their thoughts and ideas transcend time.

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Fermin Fleites Cymatics

Harmony in Yellows is a series of artworks that delves into the fascinating field of cymatics, or the study of how vibrations and sound waves can shape and influence the physical world. These works, numbered [16], are inspired by the frequencies of musical compositions by Debussy and Wagmer played on the cello. The main motivation behind this series is to explore the intersection between art and the unpredictable phenomena of nature, using Cymatics as a tool for investigation and representation.

Diary of a Cunning Coward show the ways in which we construct identity from the perspective of a “participant observer.” If we assume culture as a creative and living process with its own consciousness, based on survival, we can define a series of archetypes that, just as it happens in each of us separately, are happening in unison.
Diary of a Cunning Coward” is a series of 12 drawings and twelve bronze sculptures. The drawing is chosen for being that first basic instinct of recording reality with charcoal and the bronze sculpture for its desire to transcend time.



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