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I'm a Contemporary Artist

The highlight of my artistic practice is a kind of visual memory of memories, interspersed with symbols.

Fermin Fleites Art Statement


A vision of Art, from the perspective of Cultural Anthropology

I present to you my work, a vision of Art, from the perspective of Cultural Anthropology, from the barbarism of Culture itself. A journey of discovery that began in a forgotten place in the Insular Caribbean, passing through the Peruvian Amazon, to reach The Melting Pot of today’s America.

In my work, dear reader, you can find experiences interacting with different cultural groups with the estrangement of the visitor who arrives, and with the difficulty of the child who does not know how to read and is locked in a library where all the books tell a story and he must find out what story it is. Because in the end all stories are the same story.

I also have a deep respect for “techne”, bronze, photography, wood sculpture, charcoal and mixed media. I have the habit of drawing everything, perhaps inspired by the Andean shamans who resist being photographed because it stops them.

We could also be part of an original time where the past and the future are just nuances of a continuous present that is nowhere.

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