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Contemporary Sculpture by Artist Fermin Fleites

Bronze, Wood Carving, Installations, and Unconventional Ritual Materials

Delving into the realm of sculpture, we encounter a captivating interplay between form and material. While the sculptor’s vision breathes life into the artwork, the chosen medium becomes its essence, its physical embodiment. This article delves into the vast treasure trove of sculpture materials, both traditional and contemporary, empowering you to appreciate the nuances each brings to the artistic expression. Taking as a point of analysis the work of the Sculptor Fermin Fleites

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Traditional Sculpture Materials: Enduring Legacy

Stone: The quintessential material of monumental sculpture, stone boasts unparalleled resilience against the elements. Its inherent weight and lack of tensile strength necessitate a focus on large-scale forms without intricate details. From the gleaming translucency of Carrara marble to the rich hues of sandstone, stone offers a captivating interplay of color and texture.
“The Chosen One” in its limestone version, from the Marcona district in Peru, is an example of this mixture between a highly resistant material and the countertest with recycled elements from the Yawa indigenous people of the Putumayo River on the border of Colombia and Ecuador.

Contemporary Sculpture
"The Chosen One" limestone version

Wood Sculpture

Wood: A versatile medium employed by countless cultures worldwide, wood provides warmth and character to sculptures. Close-grained varieties allow for fine details, while open-grained woods excel in bold, expressive forms. However, wood’s susceptibility to moisture and pests necessitates indoor display. Works such as The Eye and the Stone and The Ear and the Stone carved directly on Huayruro wood, a wood known for its high hardness and resistance, defy the passage of time and the elements.

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The Eye and the Stone Sculpture on Huayruro wood.
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Ear and the Stone Sculpture on Huayruro wood.
contemporary sculpture

Metal Sculpture

Metal: Wherever metalworking flourished, sculptures emerged in its wake. Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, reigns supreme for its exceptional strength, durability, and the freedom it offers in design. From life-size figures to intricate details, bronze castings allow for a remarkable range of expression. This is the condition of “The Winner”, a work cast in bronze about a well-known symbol of humanity recurring in almost all great civilizations, The Ram.

Clay Sculpture

Clay: The most accessible and economical of sculpting materials, clay’s versatility is unmatched. Its malleability in its wet state allows for capturing the subtlest details, while fired clay transcends into a permanent and robust medium. From delicate figurines to monumental works, clay empowers the sculptor’s vision.

Plaster Sculpture

Plaster: While not typically used for finished sculptures due to its fragility, plaster serves a vital role in the sculptor’s workshop. It excels at creating molds and casts, allowing for replication of works and facilitating the bronze casting process.

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Clay Sculpture Work in Progress
Diary of a Cunning Coward

Beyond Tradition: Modern Materials and Innovation

The 20th century witnessed a paradigm shift in sculpture, with artists embracing a plethora of unconventional materials. This spirit of innovation continues to redefine the boundaries of the art form:

Concrete Sculpture
Forty-three thousand three hundred hours of underwater life on a Coca Cola bottle

Concrete Sculpture

Concrete: A modern marvel, concrete offers an affordable and robust alternative to stone for large-scale projects. Its ability to be sculpted, reinforced, and pigmented opens doors to a world of creative possibilities.

Resin Sculpture

Resin: Synthetic resins, particularly when reinforced with fiberglass, create lightweight yet exceptionally strong shells. This versatility allows for intricate forms and vibrant colors, pushing the frontiers of sculptural expression.

Wax Sculpture

Wax: Primarily used for creating models for metal casting, wax also finds its place in small sculptures, often displayed under protective domes.

Non-traditional Materials Sculpture

Non-traditional Materials: The possibilities are truly endless. From everyday objects like fabrics and neon tubes to natural elements like feathers and ice, contemporary sculptors embrace a boundless spectrum of materials, infusing their creations with unique narratives.

Me and the other
Me and The Other - Installation of 256 Kini-Kini or Chincherekues
Contemporary Sculpture

This exploration barely scratches the surface of the material universe of contemporary sculptor Fermin Fleites. Where each material whispers its own story, and the art lies in listening carefully and translating that essence into a captivating form. As you enter the world of sculpture, and in particular the Fleites work, keep this discourse in mind and let the materials themselves become your guide on this odyssey.



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