Fleites’ work is characterized by its ability to bring together diverse and seemingly unrelated visual styles into a cohesive whole, creating what has been described as “ordered chaos.” This unique approach allows for a journey through various artistic expressions, from classical Greek and German Renaissance images to contemporary art forms like installations or conceptual art. His artistic practice is informed by a well-rounded gaze that directs viewers to a broad spectrum of cultural and popular images and products, reflecting a deep understanding of the complexities of human nature and cultural history​

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Of the journey of the Sails Path

The journey of Fermin Fleites into the heart of Contemporary Art Miami offers a unique insight into the blend of contemporary art trends, artists and their stories, and the deep connection between art and anthropology. Fleites’ exploration, encapsulated in his series “Camino de las velas,” spans from 1998 to 2003 and delves into cultural anthropology, inspired by his research and thesis work that took him from the Andes to the jungles and cities of Peru.

Harmony in Yellows

Exploring the Intersection Between Art and the Mysterious Forces of Nature: The Harmony in Yellows Series

Maferefun New York. The Metropolitan Pavilion Gallery - NYC

Juan carlos Alom, Zaida del Rio, Carlos Estevez, Fermin Fleites, Eduardo Garaicoa, Salvador Gonzalez, Francisco Gordillo, Alejandro Lazo, Alicia Leal, José Mederos, Manuel Mendive, Montebravo, René Peña, Douglas Pérez, Bernardo Prieto, Roberto Salas, José Angel Vincench and invited NY artists Felipe García and Manuel Vega.

This is the season of the dead: from Halloween to All Saint’s Day, when traditionally Christian societies venerate those who have passed on. But for practitioners of the Afro-Cuban philosophy of Santería, the line between the dead and living knows no season; it’s almost always a shadowy one.



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