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I was born in the heart of the Caribbean in Rural Cuba, an island dominated by totalitarian control.

I began my artistic education at the age of ten in a vocational school of Arts, where only those who echoed the praise of the state were acclaimed. Raised in Cienfuegos, my first years of life were among the common people, Abakuas, Christians, Santeros, who ended up shaping my “Participant Observer” perspective. I was always paying particular attention to the way in which popular culture was impregnated and created its own narratives.

My education progressed between drums, ñañigos and stage dramas, which propelled me to the Higher Institute of Arts. I was living through the heyday of the artistic academy in Cuba in the late 90’s, where I managed to perfect the visual language of my work and immerse myself deeply in Cultural Anthropology until I obtained a master’s degree in this field in the workers’ course at the University of Havana. Thanks to this mix of Visual Arts and Cultural Anthropology I managed to get to my first major exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.
The show, “Maferefun New York,” was the gateway to my next project, “Del Periplo Camino de la Velas.” This was a deep immersion in the Peruvian Amazon that lasted more than four years, and a test of my anthropological vision and artistic skills. It was there, in the thick of the jungle, where my studies took shape, not only as academic exercises but as experiences of interaction with real human groups.

This whole journey has allowed me to see culture as a living entity, with its own fears, dreams, and a huge ego. The work that I have created so far is an invitation to see ourselves as part of this eternal flow, a concept that I have defined with the neologism of “ETERNITUDE,” a mixture of virtue and eternity.
It’s not just about being eternal; it is about recognizing our place in the continuum of human endeavor.

contemporary sculpture


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