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Fleites Artistic Collaborations

Artistic collaborations are not simply a means for artists to come together and produce something new. They are powerful catalysts for motivation, innovation and community building within the creative world.


Fleites Collaborative Art

Fleites Art collaborations

Artistic Partnership

By participating in collaborative artistic projects, artists make their aesthetic, ethical and technical criteria interact with those of other artists, establishing a dialogue based on the work of art as a common denominator.
This page is a selection of Fleites’ latest collaborations with artists, institutions and cultural projects in general.

Fleites Collaborative Art

Park Avenue, New York City

FERMIN FLEITES Artist collaborations
66th Street on Park Avenue, New York City
Artistic Commissions
Mural created for Bimini Big John's Bar & Grill

Art Commission

Bimini Big John's Bar & Grill

Multi-artist project

"Giants" A collaboration with Alexander Morales

Hialeah Library

Giants - Hialeah Library


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