A Continent's Heritage Unveiled


A Continent's Heritage Unveiled

By Ella Lawson

Alejo Carpentier’s assertion that the blending of diverse elements naturally gives rise to a baroque style speaks volumes about the complexity and richness of our continent’s cultural heritage. This notion is vividly embodied in the art of FermĂ­n Fleites, whose drawings capture the essence of a multifaceted reality born from the confluence of disparate historical, cultural, ethnic, and geographical strands. His work stands as a testament to the power of symbiosis, weaving together elements that, while seemingly incongruent, find harmony and new meaning within his artistic vision.

Fermin Fleites
Art & Beyond Magazine

Art and Anthropology

By Julienne Gage

Fleites’ art does not merely reflect a blending of influences but elevates this synthesis into a realm where magic and the cosmic converge. He suggests that the human inclination towards esoteric realms is not just a matter of fascination but a fundamental necessity, a way to connect with the universe’s deeper truths. This perspective invites viewers to transcend the mundane, urging them not to retreat into the shadows of Bois Caimán like the legendary Ti Noel but to immerse themselves in the exceptional quality of Fleites’ work. His mastery of drawing and line, coupled with a profound exploration of the Caribbean’s cultural roots, channels the same raw energy and transformative spirit as the legendary figure Makandal. Through his art, Fleites not only captures the vibrancy and tumult of the Caribbean experience but also offers a reflection on the power of myth, memory, and identity to shape our understanding of the world. His work, therefore, becomes a bridge between the tangible and the mystical, grounding us in the rich soil of Caribbean history while inviting us to gaze beyond the horizon of the known.



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