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The Winner

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Fermin Fleites Contemporary sculpture

Rich Symbolic Connotations and Spiritual Heritage

The works of Fermin Fleites stand out as profound narratives that intertwine the historical, religious, and philosophical realms into tangible forms. Among his creations, “The Winner” emerges as a significant piece, not only for its artistic merit but also for its rich symbolic connotations and connection to humanity’s collective spiritual heritage. This bronze sculpture transcends the mere aesthetic to delve into the essence of human beliefs, virtues, and the universal journey towards understanding and transformation.

Contemporary Sculpture
contemporary sculpture

The Lamb

from The Bibijagua to the elegance of bronze

The Lamb

“The Winner” by Fermin Fleites is not just a sculpture; it is a profound exploration of symbols that have permeated human culture and religion throughout history. The piece reimagines the lamb, a recurring motif found in the core narratives of many of the world’s major religions. From the story of Abraham’s sacrifice in Judeo-Christian-Islamic traditions to its symbolic presence in Paleo-Christian art and its echoes in Hindu mantras, the lamb has long been emblematic of obedience, constancy, sacrifice, and resurrection. In “The Winner,” this ancient symbol is recontextualized, reflecting on its historical significance while inviting contemplation on its relevance in contemporary times.

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Bronze over Railroad

The sculpture is meticulously crafted in bronze and is uniquely mounted on a railroad tie from the historic New York to Key West railroad, constructed by Henry Flagler in 1892. This specific choice of base is laden with meaning, linking the sculpture to themes of journey, progress, and the enduring human spirit to overcome and adapt. Flagler’s railroad, once envisioned to extend to Havana, symbolizes the ambition and the transformative power of human endeavor, resonating with the sculpture’s underlying themes of immigration and the capacity for reinvention.

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Through “The Winner,” Fleites engages with the notion of the lamb not just as a religious icon but as a metaphor for the human condition. The sculpture speaks to the constancy of re-invention inherent in the act of immigrating and the attitudes necessary for effecting significant change. It reflects a deep understanding of history and spirituality, merging them with contemporary concerns and insights. This piece, therefore, does not merely represent a static symbol but embodies the dynamic process of transformation and the perpetual quest for meaning.

Contemporary Sculpture
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Contemporary Sculpture

Fermin Fleites, through his work, contributes significantly to contemporary sculpture, offering a perspective that bridges the past with the present. His sculptures, particularly “The Winner,” serve as a reminder of the complexity of human culture and the intertwined nature of our spiritual and temporal journeys. Fleites stands among contemporary sculptors who not only shape materials but also mold ideas, provoke thought, and inspire reflection on our shared humanity and the symbols that unite and define us.

“The Winner” is a testament to Fermin Fleites’ mastery as a sculptor and his profound engagement with the themes of sacrifice, transformation, and the human spirit’s resilience. It stands as a poignant commentary on the continuity of symbolic sacrifice across different cultures and epochs, highlighting the lamb’s role in this narrative. As a piece of contemporary sculpture, it challenges viewers to consider the depth of our collective symbols and the role they play in our ongoing story of change, survival, migration and hope.



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