Fermin Fleites

Diary of a Cunning Coward

Unveiling Cultural Identity Through Art: "Diary of a Cunning Coward"

Fermin Fleites Contemporary Drawings

By Ella Lawson

“Diary of a Cunning Coward” shows the ways in which we construct identity from the perspective of a “participant observer.” If we assume culture as a creative process, alive and with its own consciousness, the latter based on survival, we can define a series of archetypes that, just as it happens in each of us separately, are happening in unison within us, each human group. The archetype of the father [spirit of belonging], the mother [the eternal womb], anger [the abandonment of the womb], guilt, the eternal child, the hero and his journey, and a wide etcetera. These concepts may sound primitive or naive, but they will determine the way we define what we are and by default the way we see what we are not. The Other or Otherness.

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The Diary of a Cunning Coward

A profound exploration of cultural identity

Fermín Fleites’ series, Diary of a Cunning Coward, serves as a profound exploration of cultural identity, articulated through twelve distinctive drawings and an equal number of bronze sculptures. This ensemble not only embodies but also analyze the vibrant dynamics of identity construction viewed through a lens of critical reflexivity—an observer-participant at the heart of cultural creation.

Diary of a Cunning Coward by Fermin Fleites
Diary of a Cunning Coward by Fermin Fleites

Discover the rich tapestry of cultural identity through "Diary of a Cunning Coward" by Fermin Fleites.

Artistic Synthesis and the Archetypal Landscape

Diary of a Cunning Coward invites audiences into a complex web of archetypes—each piece a dialogue with our collective psyche, echoing the foundational elements of human identity. From the nurturing depth symbolized by ‘the mother’ to the existential wrestle with ‘the hero’s journey,’ these artworks unfold as a narrative of belonging, conflict, and self-discovery.

Diary of a Cunning Coward by Fermin Fleites

A Confluence of Material and Meaning

In the dynamic interplay between drawing and bronze sculpture, Fleites’ work delves into the dichotomy of fleeting impressions and the permanence sought through art. The series juxtaposes the ephemeral nature of drawing, capturing the immediacy of human emotion, against the enduring allure of bronze, a medium that has long sought to eternalize human form and thought.

A Contemporary Lens on Traditional Forms

Fleites is inserted into the contemporary art scene, not merely for his aesthetic contributions but for its innovative capacity for hybridization with cultural resonance.. His art transcends traditional boundaries, engaging with a global dialogue about identity and existence. Through his artistic practice, Fleites challenges the observer to reconsider the role of art in society—proposing that contemporary art should be a portal to understanding not only our present but also our past and future.

Diary of a Cunning Coward
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Work in Progress

The journey through Diary of a Cunning Coward is more than an artistic experience; it is a profound inquiry into the ways we construct and deconstruct our identities. By positioning his work at the crossroads of cultural narrative and individual exploration, Fleites encourages a dialogue that resonates with the transformative power of art. This series not only reflects but also shapes the discourse on identity, pushing us to confront and embrace the multifaceted nature of our own being.

“Diary of a Cunning Coward” is an invitation to take an introspective journey from the perspective of what really unites us as human groups, the collective subconscious.



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